MYAirline Rewards

MYAirline Rewards

What is MYAirline Rewards?

Great news! You can now earn MYAirline points when you purchase MYAirline flights at 1 point per RM 1 spent on flight fare (excluding taxes) and add-ons. Taxes and amount offset using MYAirline promo/credit voucher are not eligible for points earning.


Members will be eligible to earn extra bonus points during certain campaign periods which will be held throughout the year. Stay tuned for more updates.

For flights that are partially redeemed with MYAirline points or MYAirline promo/ credit voucher, only the amount paid by credit, debit or etc. are eligible for points earning. Flights that are fully redeemed with points or credit voucher are not eligible for points earning. 

Please ensure that your first name and last name indicated in MYAirline Rewards member account matches with your booking details. You will need to ensure that your MYAirline Rewards Member ID is filled in at the passenger details page upon booking.


When will the points be credited into my MYAirline Rewards member account?

MYAirline points will automatically be credited into your MYAirline Rewards account after your flight departure date. Please allow up to 48 hours after your flight for the points to be credited.


I forgot to fill in MYAirline Rewards member ID during my booking, and I have already flown. Can I still earn points?

Unfortunately, you will not be able to earn points if you did not provide your MYAirline rewards member ID details.


I forgot to fill in MYAirline Rewards ID when making my booking, and I have not flown yet. Can I still earn points?

Unfortunately, you will not be able to earn points if you did not provide your MYAirline rewards member ID details.


The booking is made by my friend. Can he or she help to add in my MYAirline Rewards ID in the booking?

Yes, your friend needs to add in your MYAirline Rewards member ID in the passenger detail page upon booking. Once the flight is flown, the points will be credited into your account.


Can I add in my membership ID under the booking created by Travel Agent of Group bookings?

Yes. You need to request your appointed travel agent to insert your MYAirline rewards ID when they assist you with your booking.


Where can I see my MYAirline points balance & member ID details?

You can view your MYAirline points balance and member ID on the profile page by logging in to your member account via our website or through our MYAirline app.


What are the tiers in MYAirline Rewards?

MYAirline has four (4) membership tiers, they are : Standard, Silver, Gold and Platinum. Members qualify for the Standard tier upon signing up and will be upgraded based on the criteria shown in the table below :

·         Redemption rate: 100 points = RM1


Will I receive a MYAirline Rewards membership card?

MYAirline rewards is exclusively online, so you will not receive a membership card.


What benefits can I receive with MYAirline Rewards?

You will be able to enjoy MYAirline's exciting special rewards and extra bonus points during our special campaigns and more.  


Do I need to pay a membership fee for MYAirline Rewards?

No, MYAirline membership is free; you just need to register on our app or website at


Do my points expire?

MYAirline Points will expire 24 months from the earned date.


How do I advance to the next tier?

  • To advance to the next tier, you must accumulate a certain number of points within 12 months of your anniversary date (date of your member registration). 
  • When you meet the qualifying tier, you will be upgraded to the respective tier. (please refer to the table above)
  • Accumulated points will be based on points earned, not redeemed or expired points.
  • To remain in the same tier, you must accumulate the qualifying number of points within the next 12 months from the first anniversary date and subsequent anniversary dates.
  • If the points are not met, you will be downgraded.
    Example :
    Ash became a MYAirline member on 1st Mar 2023 and began accumulating points. On 5th May 2023, she successfully accumulated 3,000 points. Once she meets the qualifying criteria, she will be automatically upgraded to the silver tier. She will be able to enjoy the benefits of being on the silver tier until 28th Feb 2025. In the meantime, if she has accumulated enough qualifying points during 1st Mar 2024 – 28th Feb 2025 to retain or upgrade her tier for 1st Mar 2025 – 28th Feb 2026.  


Do I get a referral bonus if I get a friend to sign up for MYAirline Rewards?

MYAirline may run referral campaigns from time to time, and members will earn referral bonuses during the referral campaign period. Stay tuned for more updates.


How do I redeem my points?

Once you have enough points, redeeming is easy;

  • Start a flight search on or MYAirline app.
  • Select use points to pay at the payment page.
  • You can select your preferred redemption option


Can I use MYAirline points to redeem for all flights and add-ons on

You can use MYAirline points to redeem for your flights on The points can be redeemed for flight fares ONLY (excluding taxes, surcharges, and add ons). 


Can I still use MYAirline credit voucher that I have if I use MYAirline Rewards points to pay for my booking?

Yes, you may use MYAirline promo/credit voucher and MYAirline points to redeem for your booking.


Can I cancel MYAirline ticket that was redeemed with MYAirline points?

Please note that flights booked using MYAirline points are strictly non-refundable.


Are my points transferable?

Unfortunately, No. You will not be able to transfer your points.


Can I exchange MYAirline points for cash?

MYAirline points cannot be exchanged for cash. You can use the points to redeem your flight fares just like cash.


What should I do if I discover that my points have not been credited more than 48 hours after my flight?

Please send an email to with the information listed below. We will investigate and get back to you within 72 hours. 

  • Booking Reference Number :  
  • Passenger’s name :
  • Member ID :
  • Email Address :