Post-purchase questions

Can I cancel my Certificate of Insurance (COI) of MYAirline Travel Insurance ?

Once you have completed your insurance purchase, it is non-cancellable and premium paid is non-refundable.


Can I amend my Certificate of Insurance (COI) in the event I change my flight?

Once you have completed your insurance purchase, there’s no amendment / extension allowed. 

You may need to purchase a new Certificate of Insurance according to the new flight itinerary.


What happens to my coverage if MYAirline reschedules my flight date?

If we reschedule your flight and it’s the same travel duration, your coverage will be carried forward to the new flight itinerary.


Can I make a nomination of beneficiaries?

Yes, you are encouraged to make a nomination to your Certificate of Insurance. You can complete the nomination form and email to


My name is spelled wrongly on the Certificate of Insurance (COI). Do I need to amend?

No worries, please ensure the name is amended on your travel itinerary and in the event of claims, Zurich will verify your details based on your travel document.