Can I cancel my booking and get a refund?

Once your booking is confirmed, it cannot be cancelled and the payment you made is not refundable.


If I have bought my ticket through a Travel Agent, how shall I apply for my refund?

The request for a refund should be made to the travel agent from whom the ticket was purchased.


How will payment for my refund be made?

Payment will be refunded to the credit / debit card used to purchase the ticket except for FPX, Direct Debit & Cash payment. FPX, Direct Debit & Cash payment will be credited to Account Holder.

In the case of tickets issued by Travel Agencies, applicable refunds shall be processed and credited to the travel agency.


How long should I wait for my refund?

We work towards strict timelines of 7-14 working days. Once payment is with your issuing bank, your bank will credit the payment to your account according to their processes and timelines.


I didn't board the flight. Can I get an Airport Tax refund?

Yes, you can. Your refund will only be made after the date of departure.  Please note that a processing fee will be imposed on the refund, and other services purchased together with the flight will not be refunded.