Sales and Service Tax (SST)

Are MYAirline flights subject to Sales and Service Tax (SST)?

Yes, a Sales and Service Tax (SST) of 6% will be implemented on all domestic routes.


Will I be charged SST for international flights?

There will be no SST charged on international flights, including international Fly-Thru via Malaysian airports.

Is SST charged for Passenger Service Charges?

There will be no SST charged on Passenger Service Charges (PSC). Please note that the PSC or formerly known as Airport Tax, is collected by airlines on behalf of Malaysia Airports Holdings Berhad (MAHB).


What are the add-ons, fees, and charges that are subject to SST?​

Add-ons subject to SST are check-in baggage, excess baggage, meals, seat selection, and wheelchair service.

Fees and charges subject to SST are booking fee, name amendment fee, airport tax refund fee, infant fee, connecting flight fee, cancellation fee and flight change fee.


Where can I find MYAirline’s fees and charges?

Please refer to MYAirline's list of fees and charges. ​


Will SST be charged on flight change for group bookings?

​For flight change in group bookings, SST will be charged on the flight change fee and fare difference.  


Will SST be applied on add-ons, changes, or upgrades for group bookings? 

Yes, SST will be applied on add-ons, changes, or upgrades.