Sports Equipment

Do I need to purchase a Sports Equipment Allowance/Handling fee?

Yes. Please refer to the list below on the charges, packing & handling guidelines.

  Sports Equipment                         Handling Guide                    
Golf Sets
  • Kept in a golf bag.
  • Only contain a maximum of 14 golf sticks, a dozen golf balls, umbrellas and a pair of golf shoes.
  • Should be a general and standard size.

*Any number of pieces are allowed with a combined weight not exceeding the pre-booked weight. Each piece must not exceed 32 Kg.


One bicycle is accepted as one sports equipment in the following manner:

  • Handle Bars must be turned in so that they are in alignment with the frame.
  • Pedals should either be removed/ checked-in to prevent them from causing damage to other bicycles or check-in Baggage
  • The gears should be wrapped to protect them from damage
  • Tyres must be deflated
  • Mudguards can either be removed or should be protected from damage. 
  • Loose items e.g. pump, lights, water bottle and etc. must be securely fastened to the bicycle or removed and checked-in.

On top of that, your bicycle also must be properly packed in a recognised bicycle bag or in a protective box or bag or in plastic wrap or otherwise, it will be refused for carriage.​ The packaging also should adhere to the general and standard dimensions. 

Please note that any removed bicycle parts may be carried as cabin Baggage if deemed fit by you, provided it meets the cabin Baggage weight and dimensions.

Diving Equipment *

  • Packed in a recognized kit bag
  • Must not weigh more than 32kg per bag.
  • Can be packed together with;
    1. One scuba regulator,
    2. Tank harness,
    3. Tank pressure gauge, 
    4. Face mask, 
    5. A pair of fins,
    6. Dive suit/vest, 
    7. Buoyancy control device (BCD),
    8. Snorkel, 
    9. Weight belt and cylinder tank.

Diving Tank/Aqualung/Air Tank*
(Part of Diving Equipment)


    1. Diving Tank/Aqualung/Air Tank
    2. This is an aluminium tank made to contain compressed air
    3. It is meant only for leisure diving. It contains air and not oxygen
    4. There is only 1 valve and when turning anti clockwise (pressure gauge reads zero), the valve is open and air escapes, and the tank is empty.
    5. If there is a pressure gauge then it should read ZERO or it might also have a temperature gauge, which MUST read below 20 degrees Centigrade or 68 degrees Fahrenheit.


    1. Make sure the O-Ring (a rubber ring like an O on the outside of the valve) is taken out and kept by the passenger.
    2. Once the passenger has emptied the tank in the agent’s presence or has confirmed to the above authorized personnel that the tank is empty, the open valve must then be taped and sealed securely, this is to act as verification that the tank was emptied and checked by staff members

Diving tank MUST NOT CONTAIN ANY AIR, AND THE TANK VALVE MUST BE FULLY OPENED. Otherwise, it becomes a dangerous and prohibited item.

Ski Equipment /  Snow Board

  • Must be packed in a recognized ski and or snowboard bags
  • Can be packed together with one pair of skis, poles, and boots OR one snowboard and boots.

Cricket equipment

Cricket equipment such as bats, wickets, pads, and balls must be packed in a cricket coffin or bag. 


  • Packed in a recognized angling rod case or bag.
  • Rods and reels contained in a case and one bag with fishing tackle, landing net and fishing boots


  • Packed in a standard bow and arrow case.
  • One bow, one quiver and arrows

Field Hockey

  • Packed in a standard team kit bags not exceeding maximum Baggage dimensions.
  • Sticks, balls, and pads in one equipment bag

Ice Hockey

  • Packed in a recognized ice hockey kit or team bag.
  • Team kit including sticks.

Ten Pin Bowling

  • Must be packed in a non-rolling carry case.
  • Bowling case with bowling balls and shoes.

Tennis / Badminton / Squash*

  • Packed in a standard single or multiple racket kit bag.
  • Rackets and balls/shuttle

Please note: 
*Any number of pieces are allowed with a combined weight not exceeding the pre-booked weight or at the airport rate. Each piece must not exceed 32 KG.

*Diving Equipment & Diving Tank

  1. Please note that authority from Officer on Duty must be obtained prior to acceptance of carriage. 
  2. High intensity diving lamps and normal portable diving lamps (torch lights) which contain rechargeable lead acid batteries, spillable or non-spillable will not be accepted on board our aircraft as check-in nor as cabin Baggage as it comes under Dangerous Goods Regulation.
  3. Also note that without the check-in of a diving tank, the equipment will not be considered as sports equipment and must be checked-in as normal Baggage.


How about oversized Sports Equipment? 

Due to the large size and handling complexities of some sporting equipment which cannot be accommodated through the airport baggage system or within the aircraft cargo hold, we do not accept the following equipment:

  • Hang gliders
  • Sails
  • Kayaks, canoes, and oars
  • Pole vaults
  • Javelins