Credit Voucher

What is a Credit Voucher?

The amount spent on your flight booking will be reimbursed to you as a Credit Voucher for you to make future bookings with MYAirline.


Who is eligible to receive the Credit Voucher?

The Credit Voucher will only be issued to either the payee of the booking or the passenger who is travelling.

For example, if Yen has booked a flight for herself and her buddies Ray and Geo in one booking, the Credit Voucher equivalent to the amount spent on this booking will be issued to Yen or Ray and Geo should the booking be cancelled for valid reasons. 

The Credit Voucher is non-transferrable once issued, therefore Yen will not be able to transfer any of her credit voucher amount to Ray or Geo once she has received it. However, Yen can use her credit voucher to book flights for other people including friends and family.


How do I apply for a Credit Voucher?

Please reach out to us via Live Chat to ask for a Credit Voucher. Once your request is approved, the voucher will be sent to you via email within 10 days.

How can I use my Credit Voucher?

Step 1 – Go to and book your flights, choose any destination, any flight time, any date, and add any optional services you would like.

Step 2 - When you arrive at the payment page, under “Redeem Voucher” select “Add Voucher”. Fill in the Voucher number and pin, then select “Add”.

Step 3 – Once done, select “Complete Booking” to confirm your payment. 

If you have partially used up the Credit Voucher and your remaining Voucher balance is insufficient, you may use other payment options available to pay for the remaining balance such as credit card or online banking.

If the Credit Voucher balance is more than the amount payable, then the remaining balance of the Credit Voucher can be retained for the next flight booking until the end of its validity.