Double Payment/ Duplicate booking

What happens if I make a double payment or duplicate booking?

You can request for a Credit Voucher for a duplicate booking if 

  • You have accidentally made more than one (1) booking for the same passenger, destination, date, and time OR
  • Accidentally made the same booking after 24 hours OR
  • Used a different payment method which resulted in two bookings with different booking numbers. 

Before submitting your voucher request via Live Chat, please check for the following conditions:

  1. Both bookings must be for the same date(s), flight sector(s) and destinations (origin and destination)
  2. Both bookings must have the same passenger’s name list
  3. Credit Voucher request must be done before the departure date of your flight.

Note: We will maintain your first booking (based on the creation date and time) as a confirmed booking. Any approved Credit Voucher requests will be processed for the 2nd or subsequent booking(s). 

On top of that, you can also request for a credit voucher if you happen to have made a double payment (only one booking and one booking number), OR if the same booking was charged more than once.