Check-in Baggage

How to differentiate oversized baggage & oversized Sports equipment?

Oversized Baggage :

Any baggage that exceeds the weight and size permitted for hand-carry and counter check-in are defined as oversized baggage. Kindly refer to "Check-in Baggage" for the permitted baggage size.

Oversized Sports Equipment :

Due to the large size and handling complexities of some sporting equipment which cannot be accommodated through the airport baggage system or within the aircraft cargo hold, we do not accept the following equipments and any other sports-related equipment.


How many kilograms of free baggage allowance will I receive?

Sorry, no free baggage allowance will be provided. If you intend to carry baggage, you can purchase your baggage allowance with a surcharge (see here for surcharge fares). You may purchase up to four (4) hours prior to the scheduled time of departure. 

This surcharge is subject to our maximum baggage allowance of 40kg. You will be charged an excess baggage fee if you exceed the limit of your purchased baggage allowance.


Where can I purchase my baggage allowance?

Should you wish to purchase your check-in baggage to 15kg or more, this can be done via Bookings or Live Chat up to four (4) hours prior to scheduled departure time or even at the airport sales counter.


What are the excess baggage fees?

An excess baggage fee will be charged to a passenger who has exceeded their personal check-in baggage or cabin baggage allowance. 

Fee charges will be set at the prevailing rate on the day of travel. Fee charges are quoted and billed in the currency of the country from where the passenger is making their departure.


What is the weight & dimension limit for my check-in Baggage?

You can bring as many bags as you wish as long as it is within your purchased check-in baggage allowance.

However, if you have purchased more than 30 kg of baggage allowance, please note that each bag you will be checking in must follow the following requirements.


Can I combine my check-in baggage with my travelling companion?

The sharing, pooling, or combining of check-in baggage allowances is strictly not permitted except for members of the same family travelling under the same booking reference.


What items can I check in for free?

  • Baby strollers/buggies/prams.
  • Wheelchairs and mobility devices.
  • Crutches and walking frames.

The above items can be carried free of charge as check-in baggage, provided they are being used by an infant, child, elderly, disabled person, or a wheelchair user who is travelling on the flight. Otherwise, regular check-in baggage rates shall apply.

These items, except for wheelchairs or mobility devices with a battery, may be used until the boarding gate before they are checked into the hold of the aircraft. Depending on the airport you arrive at, the pushchairs/strollers/prams can be restored to you outside the aircraft door, at the bottom of the steps, or at the baggage carousel.


What items are prohibited from being carried in my baggage?

According to International Travel Standards, you may not carry the following articles into the restricted security area or on board an aircraft. 

(a) Pointed/edged Weapons & Sharp Objects.

  • Axes & hatchets, arrows and darts, crampons (grappling iron, hooked bar of iron, or plate with iron spikes used in mountaineering)
  • Harpoons & spears, ice axes & ice picks, ice skates, lockable or flick knives with blades of any length, knives, including ceremonial, religious and hunting knives made of metal
  • Meat cleavers, machetes, open razors and blades (excluding safety or disposable razors with blades enclosed in cartridge), sabres, swords and swordsticks, scalpels, scissors with blades of any length, ski and walking/hiking poles, throwing stars, tradesman's tools that have the potential to be used as a pointed or edged weapon, e.g. drills and drill bits, box cutters, utility knives, all saws, screwdrivers, crowbars, hammers, pliers, wrenches/spanners, blow torches.

Please take note that any sharp objects in check-in baggage should be securely wrapped to prevent injury to screeners and handling personnel.

(b) Blunt Instuments

  • Baseball and softball bats, clubs or batons, badminton or tennis rackets - rigid or flexible - e.g. billy clubs, blackjacks, night sticks & batons, cricket bats, golf clubs, hockey and hurley sticks, lacrosse sticks;
  • Kayak and canoe paddles, skateboards, billiard, snooker and pool cues, fishing rods;
  • Martial arts equipment, e.g. knuckle dusters, clubs, coshes, rice flails, nun-chucks, kubatons,

(c) Batteries (Lithium, Lithium Ion Cells, Batteries, and Spare Batteries)

  • Cabin Baggage: Electronics devices such as cameras, cellular phones, laptops, and camcorders containing lithium or lithium-ion cells (a Wh rating exceeding 100Wh but not exceeding 160Wh) for personal use are allowed for carriage into the
  • Check-in Baggage: Portable electronic devices containing lithium metal or lithium- ion cells, or batteries are allowed in check-in Baggage EXCEPT for e-cigarettes and self-balancing battery-powered small vehicles (E.g: Electric Bicycle and Segway). Spare batteries, for example power banks are NOT allowed in check-in Baggage. Wheelchairs and mobility devices with batteries can only be carried as check-in baggage given that the batteries must be prepared for the flight according to our policy.

The following items are prohibited in your baggage whether it is checked in or not:

(a) Any Guns, Firearms & Weapons.

  • Component parts of firearms
  • Replica firearms, (e.g. air pistols, pellet guns, signal flare pistols, starter pistols, toy guns of all types, ball bearing guns, industrial bolt and nail guns, cross bows, harpoon and spear guns, lighters shaped like a firearm)
  • Stun guns, (e.g. cattle prods)

(b)Explosives and flammable substances

  • Ammunition, blasting caps, detonators & fuses, explosives and explosive devices, replica or imitation explosive material or devices, mines & other explosive military stores,
  • Grenades of all types, gas & gas containers, e.g. butane, propane, acetylene, oxygen                -- in large volume, fireworks, flares in any form and other pyrotechnics (including party poppers and toy caps), non-safety matches, smoke-generating canisters or cartridges, flammable liquid fuel, e.g. petrol/gasoline, diesel, lighter fluid, alcohol, ethanol, aerosol spray paint, turpentine & paint thinner, alcoholic beverages.
  • Vehicle fuel system components which contain fuel, items with internal combustion
  • Self-heating meals / Meals Ready-to-Eat (MREs) or beverages with Flameless Ration Heater (FRH)

(c) Chemical and toxic

  • Acids and alkalis, g. spillable "wet" batteries,
  • Corrosive or bleaching substances - e.g. mercury, chlorine, disabling or incapacitating sprays - g. mace, pepper spray, tear gas, radioactive material
  • Infectious or biological hazardous material - g. infected blood, bacteria and viruses

(d) Live plants and flowers.

  • We will not accept as check-in or as hand carry, any plants or plant products be it plants potted in soil, plants with roots, seeds, with or without a Phytosanitary Certificate from the Ministry of Agriculture or any government

This list is not exhaustive and other items may be included. Our crew reserves the right to confiscate any item deemed a threat to the safety of our passengers.


Can I check in my Smart Baggage?


Smart Baggage will be allowed as check-in baggage based on the following requirements:

  • If the batteries are non-removable, they must not exceed 0.3g for lithium metal and 2.7Wh (Watt-hour) for lithium-ion.
  • If smart baggage with lithium batteries exceeds the above limit and its battery cannot be removed, then it is forbidden as/in a cabin and check-in baggage.
  • If its batteries are removable, they must be removed and carried as or in the cabin baggage. WiFi / Bluetooth / GPS must be switched
  • A maximum of two (2) spare batteries in the cabin baggage is allowed.